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New Windshield and a Patched Tire.

Last night was just your average evening over here! Wearing a mask and snorkel. No big deal.


This morning, we woke up to rain (and downpours at times!). It is always great when you actually have to be somewhere and have to load the car in the rain. Especially when that thing is your bike and you are trying not to fall off of the car while putting it on top!

Once everything was loaded (including the kid), we headed down the driveway. About 4 feet in, my tire pressure light came on. A quick call to Ken told me that it had done it last week as well and that he had added air. I hooked up the compressor adapter and filled the tire up. Since it was wet, I was able to hear that there was, in fact, a leak somewhere.

With air in our tire we headed to the windshield place! Dropped off the car and hooked up the Weehoo and Brooke and I were off on a ride! We spent about an hour and a half riding around and hitting up some parks. The rain was kind enough to hold off for us (though we were prepared with rain gear!).



Back at the glass shop, we waited while they finished up, loaded up and went in search of a shop that could fix our tire. It took 2, but we found one and it just happened to be next door to one of our favorite restaurants, Moe’s! We split a nice sandwich and were able to pick up the car right after! We had plans to hit up the grocery, but we were both over it and decided to head home!


Just your normal windshield replacement. Happened to have a horse connected to the truck!




Jasper was pretty excited to see us when we got home. I threw my bike shorts back on (PS this is what I wore around town. Nobody wants to wait around in straight up bike clothes at a glass shop-best of both worlds) and took Jasper out for some bike handling work. Photo cred: Brooke. Pretty sure she was more interested in the cupcake in the pic!


Worked on my skidding ability. I had none. Until today. Now it is fun. My brain is nuts sometimes! I also braved going down the steep downhill in our yard with no braking going into it. It was awesome! Jasper did some hot laps with me too!


This thing is giant, do I get two wishes?


Brooke is currently snorkeling in the bathtub. Perfectly normal! Impressed that she is kinda getting it!


And now it is time to get the rest of my chores done! Looks like another storm is rolling in! Happy to take the rain now that I am done outside 😉

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Easy miles and Dentistry

Hey there! How has the start of your week been? Ours has been good. Doing the solo parenting thing for a couple more days but looking forward to seeing the Husband soon!

Yesterday started super early (5:20 am-ewww) thanks to some coyote being crazy for about 4o minutes. Seriously, strangest noises that I have ever heard. I dont even want to know what was happening!

Brooke and I spent much of the morning playing (and making giant messes in the house that I got to clean up today). She helps clean up, but things move much faster when she is distracted and I put things where they actually belong 😉

Picture from Sunday night. Be still my heart.


Spent about half an hour playing on my mountain bike, but took it mostly as a rest day since my legs were pretty toast from the weekend. This is what happens when Brooke has control of the house. Ha.



Around 3, we headed into town. We stopped by the library for some reading and checking out the fish before walking along the bike path for a bit.

Before I knew it, it was time to head to my dentist appt. Blech. It was a 2 hour appointment (I thought we were splitting it up into 2 x 1 hours, but they could fit me in for the whole thing so we went with it!). Brooke was amazing.

She totally took this pic on her own! Maybe it is payback or something?!


They told me that they had some of the best homecare that they had ever seen (it had been a while since my last cleaning and there was not much there to clean!). Unfortunately, I apparently have highly acidic saliva (maybe I am a poison dart frog?!) and it has been chewing away at my lower teeth while I sleep. Fun Fun. So now I need to have some cavities filled. Nothing like doing a great job at keeping things clean and having your body work against you. Thanks, spit.

Brooke and I went out to dinner after since it was 7:00! Yikes! We went to Mambo Italiano and split the Peach and Jalapeno pizza (hold the Jalapeno). It has peaches and prosciutto and chicken and basil and is pretty much just heaven.

Clearly I wore her out 😉 Also, amazing photography skills :/


Well, I enjoyed the sunset on the way home!



She crashed out pretty easily, so I got to spend the evening grading! More of that tonight. woohoo 🙂

It was a bit cloudy this morning, so we managed to sleep in until almost 7. Hallelujah!!

This helped.

IMG_2581 (1)

Pretty entertaining breakfast as well!


She was all about playing today and went all sorts of crazy with her toys!


Brooke needed a few rest days from the trailer/jogger so she requested that I go out for 4 miles around the house. Better than a treadmill 😉

This is what happens when you are anticipating riding your bike later (but the rain says no-trying to build up that trainer vibe for tonight). Rinsed off, but didnt wash hair. Hot.


At least this one is cute all the time! Those joggers though!


And that’s the haps! Hope your Tuesday was amazing and that you have some fun things going on this week!

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Sunday…where did you go?!

Howdy! How is it the end of the weekend already?! Sunday seemed to just up and vanish today!

But let’s rewind, because we have been MIA for the last couple days.

On Friday, Brooke and I dropped Ken off to begin his epic journey with a work group riding from Steamboat to Salt Lake City. It is about 400 miles in 4 days. They are only slightly crazy.

Since we were already in town, Brooke and I grabbed some tea and a muffin before making our way to the pool. It was before 8 am and there was NO ONE there. It was perfect!


After running a few errands, we headed home for the evening. I managed to sneak in a 3 mile run before getting dressed to go out for a ride with Brooke. Unfortunately, as soon as we opened the door to go outside, it started to POUR rain. Then game the lightning and thunder. The storm lasted well into the night, so I was forced onto the trainer for 45 minutes.

I made sure to make myself feel better with some ice cream for dessert 😉


He’s famous!! Heehehe. Just chillin post 100+ miles 😉


Mid-storm rainbow. It was on FIRE!


Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind. Without the husband, I had to get creative with my long ride and run this weekend. While Brooke was working on waking up, I hopped on the trainer in the basement (since the bike was already set up). Did an hour while she played.

After a quick wardrobe change, Brooke and I set out for some adventuring! We did 23 miles in about 2 hours before heading home to shower.

Some friends invited us to happy hour at 5 so we set off into town around 4:15.

Brooke had a blast playing with some kids (it was about a million degrees), while I got my social game on and actually talked to adults. Weird.


Once we were home and the kiddo was in bed for the night, I finished up my Endurance Running Coach Certification! I am officially a “coach” now. BAM!

This morning, we opted to skip Church to try and get the long run done before it got too blistering hot out. It mostly worked 😉 Since I was aiming for 18, I figured I could get 15 in with Brooke and then finish off 3 around the house.

We did 3 5 mile blocks (2.5 out and back). This way, we would never be more than 2.5 miles from the house. That is a distance I can walk, even if I bonk!

Block 1:

The coolest of the day since we were starting before 9! Jasper got to come with us for this one! Felt pretty good considering the 3 hours of riding from the day before!

We found a frog. Probably the highlight of the day!


She was so excited!!



I took her DVD player and she was content to watch Bambi and the Cat in the Hat for the duration! As well as point out every bird and animal we passed!

Block 2:

Still felt pretty good! Left the dog at home because it was getting hot! Finished off 10 miles feeling pretty happy! It was nice to be able to head into the house to fill my water and grab some extra food between blocks!

Block 3:

Not surprisingly, things started to get harder 😉 Brooke was a rock star as I battled to finish. Did some walking on the steeper hills and was VERY happy to get home and finish off 15 miles!

A quick drink and setting up of Brooke with some toys and crayons and I was out the door again. Jasper demanded coming along with me. I think he regretted it when he realized how hot it was! I was DRENCHED! Did 3 easy miles to finish off the day. Had to stop to give an older couple some directions, I didnt mind! Long run done!!



After some lunch (forced down) and a cool shower, I crashed on my bed for a bit! Not sleeping, but chilling and playing with Brooke. She put on an animal show for me before painting me a bunch of pictures!

This guy feels pretty good about his 8 mile day!!


All in all, I would call it a great weekend of training! That 18 sure felt like 26 so I am going to call it my max long run for August and start to taper a bit! That sounds stupendous right now!!

Brooke is currently having a tea party in the bathtub and I am about to get my booty up to make some dinner. Someone has to, right?!

Hope that you had a lovely weekend as well!!

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