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Stinger Weekend!

Hi there, everyone!! How was your weekend?? It was a bit crazy over here! Workout hangover this morning!

This was my BIG weekend of the summer. The weekend that somehow crept up out of nowhere. That whole tapering thing kinda throws you off!

On Friday, I spent the morning cleaning up the house before playing with Brooke for most of the afternoon. It was nice to spend some time sitting on the floor.


This one, so zen.


Around 3, we headed to town to pick up Ken. He played with Brooke at the park while I hit up the mountain for just under an hour on the bike. I was trying to wake up my brain!

My parents-in-laws and sister-in-law and her husband met us back at the house and we got the weekend going with a big pasta dinner! Early to bed for an early morning!!


Race day number 1! Since all 4 of us were racing, we were all up early to head into town. A quick breakfast and loading of the vehicles and we were on our way. We got to the start area in time to finish getting dressed and do a quick spin before making our way to the start line.

Ken was off first for the pro race, Errin and I were off in the second wave and Colin started in the third wave. Ken had a great race (considering his lack of mtn biking all year) but struggled a bit with some cramping. Errin did amazing despite a really hard crash going into the first long descent. Colin CRUSHED the 53 miles with a huge PR. Amazing races by EVERYONE.

Doing the 53 mile race was a pretty big undertaking for me. The longest mountain bike race that I had ever done was last year’s Stinger race when I did the duo with Errin and that was LONG to me. I hadn’t really done a whole lot of mtn biking this summer, but had tried to get in some good road rides. Mountain biking is a LOT harder than road riding. Whew.

Lap one went pretty well! I tried to keep it tame because I knew I had another lap to do after. I managed to finish in 3:30 (just 10 minutes slower than last year). After stopping to refill my water and grab a sandwich (and Errin washed out my puncture wound from a crash-oops) I was off on lap two! The struggle was REAL! Everything was harder on round 2. My lack of mtn bike training was evident, but despite my desire to quit every 14 seconds, I kept going! I finished my second lap in about 4 hours for a grand total of 7:32 on the bike for 53 miles. That was a LONG time on a bike and I was thrilled to be done!



Fun fact: cleaned up that wound and then we super glued it so it wouldn’t bleed the next day 😉

Post-race, we headed home for a MUCH needed shower. My amazing sister-in-law and mother-in-law had coordinated dinner so that I didn’t have to worry about anything. I literally sat (on an ice pack) for most of the evening before heading to bed….to NOT sleep. Seriously, all I saw when I closed my eyes was single track and I could not fall asleep!


Race day number 2!

Sunday started out REALLY early. Since I was awake for most of the night, I was already up when Ken’s alarm went off at 3:20 am. Yep, that’s right. 3 in the MORNING. Ken was headed out early to be the bike race director at a triathlon. That kid can do it all!

Since I was up, I ate half a bagel and hung out before my alarm kicked me out of bed at 5. Got dressed and such and headed down to grab some more breakfast. As I was getting ready, I noticed that Brooke’s door was open. In my half-asleep (sleep deprived, race morning nervous state), I started to freak out because I couldn’t find her ANYWHERE. She wasn’t on a couch or in my bed or with Errin and Colin, so I woke Errin up (as I was shaking and freaking out) and we searched. She popped in to the room that her parents were in and found Brooke between them. Oh my goodness. My heart rate was through the roof (didn’t need much of a pre-race warm up!). Once she was found, I hopped into the car and headed to the race for a 7 am start.

Did a little warming up and saw a friend who was up for the half marathon! My body was NOT super excited at the thought of running, but I just told myself that I would take it one mile at a time.

The first 10 miles were fantastic! I felt pretty good and found a girl who was running the same pace as I was. Got up and over the mountain in about 1:50.

There is a slight up hill section between the descent and climb back up the mountain. This part was rough mentally. I worked really hard to eat and drink in this section. I saw Colin and that was a definite highlight in that area. It gets lonely out there! Started the trek back up the mountain. Not going to lie…it kind of sucked! hahaha. The climb is pretty long and it was hot and my everything was cramping! There was a good amount of walking on the steep sections. My back was out of control cramping and at one point I had to convince myself that I wasn’t having a heart attack. Those mental games, right?!

I FINALLY made it to the top and headed into 7 miles of downhill technical single track (with one area of steep climbing). It was a mind battle the whole way down, but luckily I was passing people the whole time and that gave me a lot of motivation. I was kind of amazed that my body was able to handle those last 6 miles! My mind wanted to stop but my legs just kept pressing on (I thought it would be the opposite!). My feet hurt pretty bad from the dirt and rocks that had become embedded in them, but they made it!

I have never been more happy to cross a finish line (and then sit down 😉 )!!! I finished in 5:19 and while it is far from my marathon PR, I was pretty happy with it!


Gross, sorry. But I kept all my toe nails! hahahaa.


Drove home and sprawled out on the porch for a bit before dragging my body to the shower. Made it all the way to my bed and just hung out for 30 minutes before getting dressed for dinner!


Mexican food has never tasted so good!!

Happy to say that I full on crashed in bed and slept until almost 7! It was amazing!! Surprised that I am moving today. My calves are pretty tight (as are my shoulders!), but overall, I can function!! I may be eating pickles and donuts, but who is judging!!

*Random note: I ate Honey Stinger Waffles (with one Rx bar and one turkey sandwich) during the two days of racing and they were amazing!! Highly recommend them!!

Special thanks to my parents-in-law and Errin and Colin for watching the kid all weekend! I know that is a workout in its own right! She had a blast 🙂



If you need me, I will be playing with play dough or in the hot tub! Or passed out on the floor 😉

Hope you had an epic weekend (no matter what it was filled with!)!!


Brisk Ride and the Grossest Thing I Have Ever Tasted.

Hump Day! Check!! On that slope to Friday, Y’all!!

This morning started out with a fairly early trailer ride. I was bound and determined to beat the rain today and not have to ride in the basement! Really, this place I live, though!

FullSizeRender (38)

Partner in crime! And a bit grumpy today.


See those things on my arms?! It was brisk. And I loved it!



Post-ride, I played on my mountain bike trying to figure out how to corner better. The struggle is real! Jasper had a blast chasing me around.

Then, this happened. It is hard to be him!


Spent a good amount of time doing laundry, dishes and all of that fun stuff. Played some legos.

Before we knew it, it was time to pick up Ken from work. We are single vehicle this week. He wanted to get a ride in, so he rode to work. We picked him up since there were thunder storms scattered around us.

Not sure the last time she fell asleep during the day. She woke up in a terrible mood and then was mad when it was bed time. Pretty sure I will force her to stay awake next time 😉


Ken brought home a few of these… I thought that they were a joke. Couldn’t even handle one taste. Almost threw up. Not for me!


Anyone tried that flavor before? Thoughts? Barf??

Gotta hop into some grading!



Weekend Round Up: Savannah Edition

Hey there! Long time no see!! This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind trip and the first time that I have left Brooke in a LONG time! But it was great. Exhausting, but great! Be prepared for a bit of photo overload!


Brooke and I spent the day hanging out and preparing for my departure. Lots of food prep for her and Ken while I was gone. (Side note: They did amazing while I was away and had an AMAZING time. That makes my heart happy!!).

In the afternoon, we were about to get dressed for a trailer ride, when some sort of wind gust came through and completely destroyed Brooke’s playhouse. Yes, there were tears. And then I decided to ride the trainer instead 😉



It was kind of terrifying!

Once Ken was home around 4:45, we had an early dinner and then I hopped in the car for the 4 hour trip to the Denver airport. I lucked out with an easy drive and only cried about leaving 3 times 😉

I had the pleasure of hanging out in the airport until my plane boarded around 12:20 am. You see interesting things at that hour. Lots of drunk people. I managed to sleep for about 2 hours of the 2:28 minute flight to Atlanta. I call that a win!


Saturday and Friday blur together a bit. I took this picture at 3:24 my Colorado time, which was 5:24 at the Atlanta airport. I got about 15 minutes of sleep before people started to show up and make noise. Quality night’s sleep, right?



When I realized that there would not be any more sleeping in my future, I opted for my first large latte of the day. A second would follow shortly after 😉

My brother and sister landed a couple of hours after me and we met up for some breakfast before we caught our connecting flight to Savannah.

My row mates were on the interesting side. Looks comfy?


Once we landed, my sister (who pretty much planned and booked our entire trip) grabbed a rental car and we were off!

Only in Georgia.



We headed over to my Uncle’s house to shower and try to become a bit more human. Hung out in the 9000% humidity for a while. Pretty sure that I was allergic to it!

We ventured over to see my Grandma. She is the reason for the trip. She is 90 years old and has pretty severe dementia. She recently fell and broke her femur (just beneath her hip replacement). Because of age and some health stuff, they were not sure that she would make it through the surgery. She did and is doing exceptionally well. That being said, the three of us made the trip because we wanted to make sure that we got to see her again in case anything were to happen. Made the whole trip worth it!

After visiting with her for a bit, we headed to see my Uncle’s shop and explore a bit. It really is beautiful. If you are inside the air conditioned car and the bugs cant get you 😉


Another by-product of the humidity…check out that frizz!



Spent the evening hanging out and chatting with my Uncle and his friend.


WHOA. Full night’s sleep! That felt AMAZING!! Woke up and set out on a swim (er, run) with my sister. OMG. People. It was literally like breathing in water. I needed a snorkel. Not joking. We did 4 easy miles and there was NO part of my clothing that was dry.



The grossest!

Post run we got to play in the pool for a while. It felt amazing!! And it was relaxing. It has been a LONG time since I have not been 100% focused on my little child in the water. Felt neat just chilling.

Once we had showered, we got dressed and the three of us went to visit my Grandma. We had fun chatting with her about many random things. Not sure that she knew who we were, but at least we were fun!


Afterwards, we ventured down to River Street to explore before meeting up with our cousins.  I made the mistake of partaking in a Pina Colida Wet Willies slushie. Holy cow. That thing was strong and I never would have known until I had finished and was trying to walk around town!

Found this guy. Cracked up a bit.


Met up with the fam and had drinks. Yep, water for me! And enjoyed the amazing view from TopDeck



Had a great night of eating (check out this ice cream?!?!) before heading home to hit the sack (though not really sleep well!)

IMG_2711 (1)


We started our day with another run through the watery air. Luckily, there was a bit of a breeze. We also had warning signs. Thankfully, we didn’t see any offenders.



Accidentally went 4.75 miles instead of our 4 miles due to getting a little lost 😉

Packed up our stuff, showered (because EWWWWW), and headed over for one last visit with Grandma.  Gave kisses before making our way to the airport and hopping on our plane. Our flight was pretty late, so I ended up RUNNING to my connection. Thank goodness they were running a couple minutes behind and I could grab a pre-made sandwich to take on the lane!


Landed on time in Denver and was welcomed by a large rain storm. Rained for almost the whole 4 hours home! On the plus side, I hit no traffic. Though, I cannot say the same for my sis and bro in LA. Sorry, guys!


Made it home in time to hang with the husband a bit before collapsing into bed! All in all, it was amazing trip!

Today was spent grocery shopping and doing things around the house. Otherwise known as playing catch up! Rode the trainer for an hour thanks to some thunderstorms. Nothing too exciting 😉

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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