Fit After Little Bits

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Hey there! Sorry about being MIA yesterday. It was one of those day where Brooke woke up with a cold, so the extent of our excitement was mowing the lawn, a one hour bike ride and lounging around the house. Didn’t think that quite warranted a whole post.

But here are some pics of the lawn (because I like when it has the lines!

FullSizeRender (36)

FullSizeRender (37)

By the end of yesterday, we were all looking like this!


But hey, a rainbow showed up so all was right with the world!


After our ride yesterday, we played in the hot tub for about 45 minutes. Guess that is a highlight!

This morning started out like this….so it could only go downhill. Kidding! But seriously, that sky!

FullSizeRender (34)

Did the usual morning chores before fitting in a 4 mile run around the house. Brooke didnt really want to go and I didnt really want to push the jogger. Better than a treadmill!

Grabbed some lunch at 11. Perfectly normal. Brooke freaked out (in the best way possible) at the prospect of this lunch.


Ken got up super early this morning so that he could mountain bike before work. I was impressed. And we are supposed to meet up after work so I can try to get on the mtn as well! Taking pizza for him and Brooke (and me after!) so that they can have a picnic while they wait!

And because most people have photo shoots with their shoes….can I just say how much I am loving these. The traction really is like none other. Happy to be back in the Cascadias!

FullSizeRender (35)

Alright….enough of me boring you! Off to pack up my bike stuff!

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Tuesday, Tuesday!! How was your day??

We had a mix of full day/down time today and it was kind of perfect.

This morning, Brooke got into her princess box while I got a few things done around the house. All of her animals got into the action too. Have you ever seen a leopard dressed as a princess? I have!

We called up our neighbor to see if she wanted to work with her horse and she was excited to get her out.

Because this is how we work with horses….


Pajamas topped with an Alice in Wonderland dress. Perfectly normal.

After 2 hours of riding and watching our neighbor ride, Brooke and I made it home in time for a snack. She caught up on some play time while I headed out for a 3 mile run. Since we are less than 2 weeks from race day, it is taper time and I am kind of just feeling my body out for what it can handle.

Post-run I was nice and sweaty, so we snacked on some smoothies for lunch (she required whipped cream, I didnt object).


After lunch, we headed outside so Brooke could get in her workout as well. She would not take off her outfit for anything, so there you have it.




Just over here loving my clouds!


Work it, girl!



Perfect shoes for when it is 80+ degrees outside. My feet were nice and sweaty. Real talk.


Clouds. Cant stop.


Got our chalk game going!


Before Brooke:


After Brooke: (in all fairness, it was a complete accident that she stepped on him)


Okay, excuse whatever face she is making, but she drew this “A” all on her own with no prompting. I looked up and she said, “look-for Apple”!


Around 3 (after some time grading and crafting) we set out for an hour on the bike. We got drizzled on and neither of us complained. At least I got her out of the dress first!

Bribery: Popcicle. All over her face.



Pretty terrible ride views.


Headwind, anyone? She looks amused, yeah?


The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning the shower and making dinner. SUPER GLAM over here!

Time to grade! Have a wonderful night!!

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Road Trippin’ and a 70/10 ride/run weekend!

Hi, friends!  Hope that you have rolled through Monday like it was nothing 🙂

We had some normal Monday-ing to do today (laundry, unpacking…17 loads of laundry. I kid. Kind of.).

We got back last night from our whirlwind weekend get-away.

It allll started last Thursday….Ken was set to finish up at the Outdoor Retailer show at 3ish in Salt Lake City. Because he rode his bike there, he either needed to fly home, rent a car or get picked up. We opted to pick him up and pop up to his parent’s house for a long weekend.


Thursday was mainly filled with driving (I did sneak in a 3 mile run before we left!). It took Brooke, Jasper and I about 6 hours to get from Steamboat to Salt Lake. My little passengers were incredibly well behaved! We met up with Ken and he drove the 3.5 hours up to his parent’s house. It was a long day in the car and everyone was happy to get out and run around when we got there!

Ken surprised me with this beauty!


On Friday, we were up and at them early to head up to Jackson Lake for the day. We all had an amazing time hanging out on the boat and playing on the paddle boards. I am not sure who had a better time, Jasper or Brooke!


Totally normal to have your 65 pound dog in your lap in the car, right?!


The views, though. Cant even put them into words.

















Um, yeah. Relaxing so hard.


Singing Moana songs. Excellent.


Four of us on two boards. Sounds about right!



Driving with GrandBob!!




We stopped for some delicious Mexican food on the way home and enjoyed a spectacular over-tired 4 year old meltdown on the way home! All in a days work!

Saturday started off a little slower. My mother-in-law whipped up some yummy blueberry pancakes to start off the day. Ken and I eventually got on our bikes to head out on a journey! Thanks for babysitting Nene!

We rode the first 30 miles together before Ken branched off to head to the shooting range with his dad. I headed home in a headwind and took the long way to finish off the day with 70 miles.

I figured out how to get some Strave QOM’s! Go to Wyoming!! Ken got the KOM. Ruling the pass!


Spent the rest of the day relaxing! Rough 😉

On Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed for a 10 mile run. I surprised myself with a decent pace and finished up in 1:28 (8:49 average). It is funny that 48 degrees feels so hot when you run.

Got home, showered, ate some food (the reason I was running so fast!) and then we headed off to Church. After church, we had lunch in town before heading home to pack up! Thanks for having us GrandBob and Nene!!

Finished off the day with a 7.5 hour drive home and a dip in the hot tub before bed. My body required it 😉

Today we hit up the pool where Brooke made snorkeling look like childs play. Seriously, she just did it!?!?!? I couldn’t believe it! Grocery….cleaning…all that jazz. Mountain bike for 30 minutes…and then these showed up!

You better believe that I will be doing some sort of running tomorrow. GORGEOUS. Thanks, Brooks!!


Full night of dinner cooking, grading, laundry folding and working on Ken’s legs ahead. I need a vacation! hahahaha. Totally kidding 🙂